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Fitness & PREHAB center

preparation. Maintenance. recovery. 

About Us

We are a nonprofit organization focusing on preparation, maintenance, and recovery by designing programs fitted for those who are or has experience minor illness-diseases preventing them from obtaining optimal health. Our commitment is to coach our members by developing practical wise-behavior both, naturally and spiritually; leading to longevity. We believe many are lost and confused due to the lack of knowledge of their own bodies and understanding the true relationship between of exercise and nutrition. With fitness being universal, we strive to build a learning and training facility that empowers all walks of life. 

Where there's wisdom, there's longevity.
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Sports Injury


Meet Our Team

Learn more about your exercise and nutrition coaches, the goals, personal testimonies and their journey.

Jessica Spinks, NY

I was diagnosed with GURD, which is like acid reflux on 1000 (ugh). I would be sick constantly, not able to eat some days or I would even have to cancel plans because I did not know when a flare up would happen. I came across this program called Unyq process. It has been a wonderful program. They took the time to listen to what I had going on and made small, reachable changes to help me meet my goals. Not only did I learn nutritional facts but also what foods can help me feel full without consuming as much. I am definitely seeing results. I am finally down 30 official pounds! Yes, I said 30! I want to say a huge thanks to Unyq process and y’all check them out as well. Highly recommend it.

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