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LIFE 10 vs MY 90

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

We all know that reaching our goal doesn't happen overnight.

While some start tremendously, others don't have that same opportunity. But we all have that one thing in common... Life! Whatever happens in our life, we have a choice on how we will respond to it.

At the beginning of our fitness journey, we become excited and pumped!

We spend money on groceries, fitness apparel, and accessories that will keep us going.

One to two months go by; we begin to faint because we admire quick results and imagery. We all heard of the commons sayings, "well, it's been months, and I still haven't lost my goal weight," or "I've been doing well with my nutrition plan and staying on top of my workouts, but I don't see results." We live in a world where "right now" are terms that are desirable but good-for-nothing in our success.

"I want that type of body, and I need it Now."

People have been looking for answers regarding their journey but been looking in the wrong place. Your answer is education and patience.

If we begin to educate ourselves on anatomy (structure) and physiology (function), biomechanics (mobility), and motor learning (tactic skills), we can develop a sense of understanding about taking wiser steps in our fitness journey.

As we develop a good understanding, we will also learn how to trust the process called patience.

Patience helps the process become enjoyable, desirable, and meaningful.

This gives us the space to go into our workout without feeling weak, inactive, and dull because we gain knowledge and patience.

Education + Patience = Real Result.

Real results are permanent and invaluable. The small percent of a fitness journey is the imagery of the human body. In life, we always complain that we don't have a beautiful, coke-shaped, ripped abs body but never want to control the significant percent. The big percent consists of discipline to become educated and patient to reach your goal. Once we control the substantial percent, our obedience will determine the real results in our fitness journey.

I called this the "Life 10 vs. My 90" Rule. In the words of Charles R. Swindoll, I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.

Our fitness journey may not be pretty, but it isn't ugly!

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