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Updated: Jun 7, 2021

When it comes to fitness, physical appearance is the ultimate goal. Our goal setting has led to more outer appearance than internal health. Cellular feeding isn't broadcasted all over social media. It's more of the small waist, the broader shoulders and a video on how to build a perfect butt. Discussions and education about nutrition is present but it doesn't point to cell feeding.

"Too many of us are eating with the purpose of satisfying our taste buds without ever considering food as fuel, nourisher, cleanser, healer, connection to nature and the source of what you and I are made of." - Dr. Bobby J. Price.

As we begin our journey, our minds are set to perform vigorous workouts on the first day or week. We place nutrition on the back burner and deal with it when it's time to eat. At times, we do so well but once we reach to mid-week, we tend to become savages and eat everything but what's on our meal plan. I know, I've been there.

There's the 80/20 rule in the fitness world, meaning 80-percent is what we eat and 20-percent is our activity. This rule plays a vital role when we're beginning our fitness regime. For nutrition to be 80 percent, it's important to know what we're intaking daily and how it benefits our workouts and lifestyle. Many of us are aware of this rule, but we don't follow it. The saying " you are what you eat ?" is a FACT and can not be hidden.

One thing we need to realize about our bodies is that they're moving machineries. With the proper nutrition, our cells are fed and performed well. The trillions of cells, in our bodies, die every day and naturally make new ones through what we eat. If we decide to stop feeding them they become weak and they respond to unwanted diseases.

Lets Paint this picture:

Say, you just ate a processed meal or junk food. Both have little to none nutrients because majority of the nutrients are dead. So the body (cells) takes ONLY what it NEEDS and the rest is either stored as fat. That's why some of us feel hungry after eating because our cells weren't properly fed. When you learn to feed your cells, your meals become nutritionally dense, calorie intake is lower and your hunger desires decrease.

Proper Nutrition is food that consist of substances that's necessary for ones growth, health and good condition.

Cellular Feeding

Cells are our building blocks and consist of different parts and functions. "They provide structure for the body, take in nutrients from food, convert those nutrients into energy, and carry out specialized functions." So why do we need to feed our cells? Cell Feeding keeps the body clean and helps remove toxic from the body. Cells are renewed all the time. As old cells die, they are replaced with new cells ones. New cells come from our daily nutrition. Nutrition plays a vital role in creating new cells because everything we eat is incorporated into our cells.

Dr. Bobby J Price said it best. We get hung up in "satisfying our taste buds," but don't consider the foods that provides "fuel, nourishment, and cleansing..." The lack of providing fuel and nourishment to the body causes chronic diseases and poor energy. Our bodies already produce a few of the essential nutrients we need. Not only does our body produce those nutrients but the body creates movement as well. Our job is to replenish the bodies with those essential nutrients to keep the cells from getting weak.

My Testimony:

I am a walking testimony. I have experienced a few health issues because of my poor choices with food. My mind was set on intense workouts but not proper nutrition. Like the majority, I thought that I could eat anything and everything as long as I exercise. My lack of knowledge led to a TIA (minor stroke) and high cholesterol. Yes, my food intake were veggies and fruits, but the percentage of those food items were very low. That's when I knew it was time to take control of my nutrition and self-educate myself on the information needed to prevent the same episode.

Many of us don't need intensive movement to keep the weight off and prevent chronic diseases; nutrition and simple movement alone prevents that. Better-choice nutrition is our best friend until the Lord calls us home. As we begin to focus on feeding our cells, we will begin to notice a difference in how we move, how we look, how we think, and how we live. I recommend that you buy and READ "Vegucation over Medication" by Dr. Bobby J. Price. This book will change your perspective about your daily intakes.

God Bless.


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